Rocks Off Quest Review

The Rocks Off Quest is one of the simplest, as well as one of cheapest ($37) prostate vibrators and a good choice for the beginner new to vibrating anal sex toys.

Rocks Off Quest Bullet Prostate Vibrator

Rocks Off Quest 10 function vibrator>>View Product at LoveHoney<<

A vibrating prosate massager in a pleasingly shaped and powerered by the bullet vibe contained within its sleek shaft.

The vibrations and speed are operated by red switch at the base. The toy is also waterproof.

Although simple and ergonomic in shape and design, it’s capabilities are suprisingly advanced for a toy at this price, with 3 speeds and no less than 7 prostate pleasing patterns of play.

Made of smooth ABS plastic, the simple shape does have a flared silicone base for safety.

Rocks Off Quest Final Review Verdict & Rating

A simple bullet vibrator powered prosate massager that really does hit the mark for beginners. The only grumble is that customers have consistantly stated that chaning speed and vibration patterns when inserted can be a bit difficult, so it just falls short of being the perfect toy for beginners. 4/5

4 out of 5

Lelo Loki Review

Luxury sex toy company Lelo took their range of prostate vibrators to the next level with the release of the Lelo Loki fully rechargeable vibrating prostate massager in 2015. It’s considered by critics and customers alike, one of the very best luxury prostate massagers in 2018.

Lelo Loki Vibrating Luxury Prosate Massager

Lelo Loki>>View Product at LoveHoney<<

The smooth softly curved handle is easy to grip, whilst the shaft of the toy itself flares broadly whilst not too intimidatingly. The feel of the sleek silicone material is exquisite. A gentle base seperating the shaft from the handle ensures that the pleasure doesn’t run too deep.. As you would expect from a Lelo luxury sex toy, it looks gorgeous and has been similarly packaged. As one customer described it, it might be something you put up your arse but even Steve Jobs would be impressed with the design and packaging.

The Loki is easy enough to operate, but given the impressive circumfrance of the flared shaft (4.5″), it’s probably only suitable for intermediate anal sex toy users.

The vibrator itself is operated by a simple button interface with easily adjustable speeds from low to high. It has five patterns of considerably varying intensity, so you should never get bored of using this toy. The vibration is however quite focused on the head of the shaft, so the sensations run quite deep into the body, even at a low setting.

Lelo Loki Final Review Verdict & Rating

The Loki is clearly one of the best luxury prostate vibrators you can buy. At $169, it’s reasonably priced, and the whole produce experience from opening the box to feeling the vibrations in your ass, is sheer class. Pefect for the experienced prostate toy user, but not the first toy that a beginner should try. 5/5

5 out of 5

VeDO DIVER Anal Vibrator Review

A silky unintimidating anal vibrator with a gentle angled tip that targets the p-spot. The VeDO DIVER is a vibrating prostate toy at under $50 that is a good choice for beginners to consider.

VeDO DIVER Vibrating Anal Massager

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The design of the VeDO Diver is simple and no-nonsense, with a relatively thin and gently flared shaft ending with a soft and unitimidating angled tip. The shape makes targetting your most sensitive anal spots very easy, and for beginners it’s quite a breeze to try gradually increasing levels of comfortable insertion as they become more experienced with the toy. It has a deliciously soft and silky feel, although the material is quite hard. For a massager at this price, it has a satisfyingly powerful set of 10 different vibration modes.

The VeDO DIVER is also fully rechargeable as well as being waterproof.

VeDO DIVER Final Review Verdict & Rating

Priced at under $50 with a simple and effective design, and yet coming with powerful vibration modes, this is definitely worth considering for beginners to vibrating anal and prostate toys. The only possible drawback is the material is slightly hard, otherwise it’s just about perfect as a first time buy. 4/5

4 out of 5

Nexus Revo Intense Review

The Nexus Revo Intense is a formidable rotating and recharegeable prostate vibrator priced at a luxury end of the market $169. But does it hit the mark?

Nexus Revo Intense Rotating Prostate Vibrator

Nexus Revo Intense prostate vibrator>>View Product at LoveHoney<<

With an advanced contoured design and a sturdy flat base, this premium Nexus prostate toy has been built to securely lock onto the male form, with precisely targetted and powerful stimulation for the p-spot and perineum. Having said that, a couple of customers have noted that the toy can tend to move out of position during play.

The standout feature of this massager is of course the rotating head. Two rotation speeds and two power settings result in six different combination patterns of sensual rolling vibrations.

The toy lasts for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

Nexus Revo Intense Final Review Verdict & Rating

Most experienced prostate toy fans love these type of high end vibrators that feature rotating heads. But in such toys, the vibration has to be spot on and for some, this doesn’t quite hit the mark, although it does the job perfectly for others. 4/5

4 out of 5

Top 10 Best Prostrate Vibrators for Men

1 # Lelo Loki Luxury USB Vibrating Prostate Massager – $169 (LoveHoney)

Lelo Loki Prostate Massager

The Loki from LELO is a perfectly shaped and angled luxury vibrating prostate massager that delivers the ultimate in luxurious and powerful sensation.

Fully rechargeable and waterproof, Loki features 6 variable settings for a climax that is out of this world.

From packaging to performance, the Lelo Loki is truly sheer luxury at its finest.




2 # Desire Luxury Remote Control Prostate Massager – $99 (LoveHoney)

Made from ultimate silk spun silicone, this luxury prostate toy will provide the smoothest yet intense experience you’ve ever had. This sophisticated prostate vibrator is easily remote controlled with an incredible 8 modes and 12 intensity levels. USB rechargeable.




3 # Nexus Revo 2 Rotating Prostate Massager – $144 (LoveHoney)


The remarkable Nexus Revo 2 resembles a joystick but is a powerful prostate vibrator that features a unique independently rotating head, offering a deep, precise prostate massage with 3 vibration modes and 2 speeds, together with an external arm with a raised nodule texture that stimulates your perineum.




4 # Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager – $219 (LoveHoney)

LELO make the best luxury sex toys in the world, and this – their most sophisticated prostate massager – is not only the height of luxurious elegance, it’s also one of the most advanced and effective prostate vibrators you can buy. Remote control SenseMotion responds to the movement of your hand making this one of the very first smart prostate toys in the world.


5 # Rocks Off 7 Big Boy Prostate Toy – $64 (LoveHoney)


The unique angled head of this powerful 7 speed hands free prostate vibrator is designed to hit the P-Spot and perineum simultanerously – once inserted, the silicone head nestle snugly against the P-Spot, while the vibrating bullet end buzzes the perineum.




6 # Malesation Remote Control Vibrating P-Massager – $114 (LoveHoney)


For something a bit different try the Malesation remote control vibrating prostate massager with 11 remote vibration settings and a unique gearstick-inspired shape.