Aneros Vice 2 Review

Hands free pleasure with this sleek but powerful remote controlled prostate vibrator.

Aneros Vice 2 Remote Prostate Vibrator

Aneros Vice 2 at Lovehoney

Aneros are one of the top 2 or 3 brands when it comes to premium prostate toys, and the Aneros Vice 2 is their most sophisticated remote control prostate vibrator.

It boasts no less than 18 different patterns of vibrations, with four different speeds for you to play around with. But if that’s still not enough for you, there is an interactive ‘joy’ button which allows you to create your own patterns.

The easy to use remote control features an LED screen showing the pattern you have currently selected.

The silky smooth medical grade silicone surface of the Vice 2 is the perfect skin for it’s ergonomic curves and contours that target your prostate and perineum with effortless precision.

Reasons To Buy The Aneros Vice 2

  • Luxury prostate vibrator from top brand Aneros
  • Easy to use remote control for hands free solo or couples fun
  • Sophisticated and powerful twin motor vibrator
  • 18 different patterns with four different speeds
  • Possible to create your own patterns in interactive ‘joy’ mode
  • Beautiful ergonomic design and made from silk like medical grade silicone

Final Review Rating And Verdict

One of the leading manufacturers of prostate toys for men, Aneros have produced their most sophisticated and powerful remote controlled vibrator yet. The Aneros Vice 2 delivers an endless variety of play for both solo users and couples.


The Best Prostrate Vibrators 2020

Top Six Prostate Vibrators For Men September 2020

1 # Lovense Edge – Adjustable Head Remote App Massager

Lovense Edge adjustable prostate vibrator

The world’s first adjustable prostate vibrator, the head can be moved to taste while the rigid neck maintains stability.

However, the the real revolutionary aspect of this toy is the possibilities for remote sex – the Edge can be controlled via a smartphone app….from anywhere in the world!

Dual vibrators that are among the most powerful of any vibrating prostate massagers.


2 # Lelo Loki – Luxury USB Vibrating Prostate Massager

Lelo Loki Prostate Massager

The Loki from LELO is a perfectly shaped and angled luxury vibrating prostate massager that delivers the ultimate in luxurious and powerful sensation.

Fully rechargeable and waterproof, Loki features 6 variable settings for a climax that is out of this world.

From packaging to performance, the Lelo Loki is truly sheer luxury at its finest.

3 # Lelo Hugo – Ultimate In Luxury For Your Prostate

LELO make the best luxury sex toys in the world, and this – their most sophisticated prostate massager – is not only the height of luxurious elegance, it’s also one of the most advanced and effective prostate vibrators you can buy.

Remote control SenseMotion responds to the movement of your hand making this one of the very first smart prostate toys in the world. Can be controlled from up to 12 meters away.

4 # Spotty RC – Remote Control With Revolving Head

Spotty RC revolving head remote control prostate vibrator

Asian/German sex toy brand Nomi Tang were behind one of the most well-designed and functional prostate vibrators of recent years.

The Spotty RC is a remote controlled prostate toy with a dual motor (each can be controlled separately) that vibrates the perineum, while the 360 degree rotating head targets the p-spot.

A classic from 2016 that still represents good value for money.

5 # Pluggy RC – Remote Control With Revolving Head

Pluggy RC

A remote controlled dual stimulation butt plug with rotating beads and a vibrating contoured tip – perfectly shaped for a precise prostate stimulation.

Sit down with the plug inside your ass as it gyrates while your prostate is deliciously stimulated by the vibrating tip.

An innovative butt plug that stimulates the prostate and combines the best of European and Asian sex toy design.

6 # Aneros Vice 2 – 18 Pattern Remote Prostate Vibrator

Aneros Vice 2 at Lovehoney

A sophisticated and powerful remote controlled prostate vibrator from Aneros – one of the leading brands in premium prostate toys. 18 patterns with four different speeds, and you can even create your own patterns.

Spotty RC Review

Powerful remote control prostate vibrator with a revolving head.

Spotty RC Remote Control Prostate Vibrator

Spotty RC revolving head remote control prostate vibrator

One of the most popular remote control prostate vibrators of recent years, the stand out feature of this Nomi Tang toy is the 360 degree rotating head designed to hit a man’s p-spot like never before. Accompanying the p-spot stimulation from the revolving head is a powerful vibrator that targets the perineum.

The vibrator contains two motors which can both be (easily) controlled separately. And those vibrations pack quite a punch too, and come in 5 different patterns of intensity. Despite this, it’s an admirably quiet toy.

The Spotty comes with a remote control which allows you to operate the toy, both the revolving head and the two separate motors, from up to 5 meters away (enabling it to be also used as a couple’s sex toy).

This premium prostate toy is 100% waterproof to 1 meter, allowing you to use it in the bath tub or jacuzzi, as well of course as the shower. As you would expect, it is fully rechargeable from a USB port.

Also comes in a non remote control version that is $30 cheaper ($109).

Spotty RC Final Review Verdict & Rating

Nomi Tang sex toy company began with a German Asian entrepreneur looking to combine both the ingenuity and sophistication of the Asian sex toy market with German and European engineering and design. The Spotty RC prostate vibrator is one toy that achieves this admirably. Released in 2016, it remains one of the best revolving head p-spot stimulators, in addition to its powerful and remote controlled perineum vibrator. If you’re looking for a luxury prostate vibrator that does it all, then this tried and trusted classic at just $139 should be on your wish list.

5 out of 5

Lovense Edge Review

World’s first adjustable prostate vibrator, and controllable by smartphone app.

Lovense Edge Adjustable Prostate Massager

Lovense Edge adjustable prostate vibrator

Designed and manufactured by the world’s leading remote sex toy company, the Lovense Edge is arguably the world’s most advanced prostate massager for several reasons.

Marketed as the world’s first adjustable prostate toy, the head of the Edge is significantly adjustable to ensure it hits the spot you want (and in combination with the base). Although the head is adjustable, the clever design ensures that the neck itself stays firm and stable.

The toy is powered by powerful dual vibrators. One is contained in the head, and the other in the base of the toy. Lovense claim that their vibrator motors are more powerful than those found even in other high end prostate vibrators.

Lovense Edge solo and remote sex possibilities

But perhaps the most striking feature of the edge is of course its remote sex possibilities. Like other Lovense toys, it can be controlled via a smartphone app from anywhere in the world. Allowing you to be pleased by a lover remotely, even by a webcam girl (thousands of webcam girls at all the top sites have and use the Lovense smartphone app).

Reasons To Buy The Lovense Edge

  • World’s first adjustable prostate vibrator
  • 3.3 inches of insertable length
  • The head is adjustable but the stiff neck ensures stability
  • Remote sex possibilities with the control via smartphone app
  • Powerful dual vibrators


Lovehoney High Roller Review

Hands free prostate masturbation pleasure with this sophisticated remote control prostate vibrator.

High Roller Remote Control Prostate Vibrator

Lovehoney High Roller Prostate Massager

The High Roller is the latest attempt by Lovehoney to produce a high quality mid-range prostate vibrator to market, and it might well be their best effort yet.

The design and feel is silky-smooth, and your prostate is simulated by a circular stroking motion and that can be set up with a choice of 3 speeds and 7 vibration pattern.

But that’s not all, because the toy can be operated either by buttons at the base, or via an easy to use remote control, making possible completely hands free prostate fun, or even used as a couple’s sex toy.

While the curved shaft seeks out the prostate with precision, and the rotating head rubs it into delight, the textured base simultaneously massages the perineum.

Reasons To Buy The Lovehoney High Roller

  • Remote control operated (or via pushbuttons on the base
  • Sleek and smooth design
  • High quality at this price point
  • Winning rave reviews from satisfied customers
  • One of the very best Lovehoney prostate toys yet

High Roller Final Review Verdict & Rating

A great effort from Lovehoney to produce a high quality prostate vibrator that can be used hands free.

4 out of 5

Lelo Loki Review

The Lelo Loki is still one of the best premium end prostate vibrators on the market.

Lelo Loki Vibrating Luxury Prostate Massager

Lelo Loki

Luxury sex toy company Lelo took their range of prostate vibrators to the next level with the release of the Lelo Loki fully rechargeable vibrating prostate massager in 2015. It’s considered by critics and customers alike, one of the very best luxury prostate massagers in 2018.

The smooth softly curved handle is easy to grip, whilst the shaft of the toy itself flares broadly whilst not too intimidatingly. The feel of the sleek silicone material is exquisite. A gentle base separating the shaft from the handle ensures that the pleasure doesn’t run too deep.. As you would expect from a Lelo luxury sex toy, it looks gorgeous and has been similarly packaged. As one customer described it, it might be something you put up your butt but even Steve Jobs would be impressed with the design and packaging.

The Loki is easy enough to operate, but given the impressive circumfrance of the flared shaft (4.5″), it’s probably only suitable for intermediate anal sex toy users.

The vibrator itself is operated by a simple button interface with easily adjustable speeds from low to high. It has five patterns of considerably varying intensity, so you should never get bored of using this toy. The vibration is however quite focused on the head of the shaft, so the sensations run quite deep into the body, even at a low setting.

Lelo Loki Final Review Verdict & Rating

The Loki is clearly one of the best luxury prostate vibrators you can buy. At $169, it’s reasonably priced, and the whole produce experience from opening the box to feeling the vibrations in your ass, is sheer class. Pefect for the experienced prostate toy user, but not the first toy that a beginner should try. 5/5

5 out of 5

Prostate Specialist Review

A simple to use prostate vibrator that is a good choice for a beginner.

Prostate Specialist Vibrating Prostate Massager

Eden Fantasys Prostate Specialist>>Available to Buy at Eden Fantasys for $69<<

An elegantly designed mid-price range prostate vibrator that has a versatile range of functions. Intensity is in the moderate range, and its finger shaped body is unintimidating while making it easy even for inexperienced prostate toy users hit the right spot.

Four intensity levels that are never too much, with ten different rhythms that include pulsing, vibrating, and escalating.

The Prostate Specialist is fully waterproof for fun in the bath or shower, as well as for easy cleaning.

Manufactured by leading sex toy producer and seller – Eden Fantasys.

Reasons To Buy The Prostate Specialist

  • Not too intense or intimidating
  • Easy to grip and operate, and easy to find the prostate with it
  • Good value with a lot of functions for a mid-price range vibrator
  • Good choice for a beginner

Prostate Specialist Final Review Verdict & Rating

A versatile and fairly gentle mid-priced prostate vibrator that is easy to use. A good choice for newbies to prostate toys, while providing something at this price for more experienced users too.

4 out of 5