Lelo Loki Review

The Lelo Loki is still one of the best premium end prostate vibrators on the market.

Lelo Loki Vibrating Luxury Prostate Massager

Lelo Loki

Luxury sex toy company Lelo took their range of prostate vibrators to the next level with the release of the Lelo Loki fully rechargeable vibrating prostate massager in 2015. It’s considered by critics and customers alike, one of the very best luxury prostate massagers in 2018.

The smooth softly curved handle is easy to grip, whilst the shaft of the toy itself flares broadly whilst not too intimidatingly. The feel of the sleek silicone material is exquisite. A gentle base separating the shaft from the handle ensures that the pleasure doesn’t run too deep.. As you would expect from a Lelo luxury sex toy, it looks gorgeous and has been similarly packaged. As one customer described it, it might be something you put up your butt but even Steve Jobs would be impressed with the design and packaging.

The Loki is easy enough to operate, but given the impressive circumfrance of the flared shaft (4.5″), it’s probably only suitable for intermediate anal sex toy users.

The vibrator itself is operated by a simple button interface with easily adjustable speeds from low to high. It has five patterns of considerably varying intensity, so you should never get bored of using this toy. The vibration is however quite focused on the head of the shaft, so the sensations run quite deep into the body, even at a low setting.

Lelo Loki Final Review Verdict & Rating

The Loki is clearly one of the best luxury prostate vibrators you can buy. At $169, it’s reasonably priced, and the whole produce experience from opening the box to feeling the vibrations in your ass, is sheer class. Pefect for the experienced prostate toy user, but not the first toy that a beginner should try. 5/5

5 out of 5