Spotty RC Review

Powerful remote control prostate vibrator with a revolving head.

Spotty RC Remote Control Prostate Vibrator

Spotty RC revolving head remote control prostate vibrator

One of the most popular remote control prostate vibrators of recent years, the stand out feature of this Nomi Tang toy is the 360 degree rotating head designed to hit a man’s p-spot like never before. Accompanying the p-spot stimulation from the revolving head is a powerful vibrator that targets the perineum.

The vibrator contains two motors which can both be (easily) controlled separately. And those vibrations pack quite a punch too, and come in 5 different patterns of intensity. Despite this, it’s an admirably quiet toy.

The Spotty comes with a remote control which allows you to operate the toy, both the revolving head and the two separate motors, from up to 5 meters away (enabling it to be also used as a couple’s sex toy).

This premium prostate toy is 100% waterproof to 1 meter, allowing you to use it in the bath tub or jacuzzi, as well of course as the shower. As you would expect, it is fully rechargeable from a USB port.

Also comes in a non remote control version that is $30 cheaper ($109).

Spotty RC Final Review Verdict & Rating

Nomi Tang sex toy company began with a German Asian entrepreneur looking to combine both the ingenuity and sophistication of the Asian sex toy market with German and European engineering and design. The Spotty RC prostate vibrator is one toy that achieves this admirably. Released in 2016, it remains one of the best revolving head p-spot stimulators, in addition to its powerful and remote controlled perineum vibrator. If you’re looking for a luxury prostate vibrator that does it all, then this tried and trusted classic at just $139 should be on your wish list.

5 out of 5